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Listing Your Previous Schools

Please list:

  • The institution where you earned your bachelor’s degree. If you earned more than one bachelor’s degree, you will need to list each institution where a bachelor’s degree was earned. 
  • All institutions where you have been enrolled or earned graduate credit for graduate level coursework, even if a degree was not earned. 

Please do not list high-school(s) attended.


UT Knoxville Graduates/Students

If you are a current or former student at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK), you do not need to upload a copy of your UTK transcript. Our office will be able to access your transcript.  

Transcript Submission from Non-U.S. Institutions

For more information on how to submit your academic documentation based on their country of origin.

Uploading Transcript Copies for Expedited Application Review

The Haslam College of Business offers the flexibility of uploading a copy of your transcript to be considered for application review, while we are waiting on official copies from your institutions. A copy of your official transcript for each listed institution needs to be uploaded. It is important that transcripts be received even if you didn’t receive a degree from the institution. You may upload transcripts during your application process, or by logging into your status portal after your application is submitted. Transcripts that are in a language other than English must be accompanied with English translations. Tips for uploading copies. Documents uploaded with your application are not considered official.

The following document types are NOT acceptable for review. Your application cannot be reviewed if you upload any of the following document types: 

  • Institutional web-based grade reports/academic records such as those retrieved from a student-based web portal
  • Degree Audit reports or advising transcripts
  • An evaluation provided by a credential service, for example, Educational Credentials Evaluators (ECE) OR World Education Services (WES)

 The following document types ARE acceptable for review. Please provide one of the following: 

  • The preferred method of delivery is electronic submission of official transcripts over a secure network from a service such as Parchment, National Clearing House, Digitary, or your institution’s electronic delivery system. If using one of these services, please have transcripts delivered to haslamtranscripts@utk.edu
  • An official transcript mailed directly from your institution’s registrar or recorder of records
  • A copy of an official transcript (as noted above) uploaded with your application

Sending official transcripts to the Haslam College of Business:

  • If the institution your previously attended uses Parchment, please select University of Tennessee Knoxville Haslam College MBA/MAcc/MS as the recipient school when ordering your transcript
  • If the institution your previously attended uses a different encrypted service for ordering transcripts, please enter haslamtranscripts@utk.edu  as the recipient email.
  • If the university only sends physical mailed official transcripts, please have them mail in a sealed envelope to:

Attn: Haslam Admissions

504 Haslam Business Building,

1000 Volunteer Blvd,

Knoxville, TN – 37996

Note: Documents uploaded with your application are not considered official. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville does not consider transcripts that come from applicants or that have been in the applicant’s possession as official. Transcripts from international institutions may have specific requirements that you may review. Whether you opt to apply with unofficial or official transcripts, official transcripts will eventually be needed if offered admission. If you have any questions, please contact us at haslamtranscripts@utk.edu .

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Test Scores

If your program requires Test Scores for admissions, you can send them directly to our institution using the codes below.

  • GMAT School ID: 8GR-KN-71
  • GRE School ID: 2834
  • TOEFL School ID: C877
  • IELTS: University of Tennessee Knoxville Haslam College MBA/MAcc/MS)