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As a career-driven business professional, you have your sights set on the future. With years of experience under your belt, you are ready to upskill with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and take on a leadership role.  However, pursuing an MBA as a full-time professional can be daunting. You likely wonder if you can […]

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The healthcare industry faced many challenges during and post COVID-19, but experts are optimistic about the future. For example, management consulting firm McKinsey & Company expects the healthcare field to expand profitability by $31 billion between now and 2025. This rapid growth is being driven, in part, by extremely rapid change. Increased government spending, evolving […]

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In aerospace and defense, professionals from many disciplines must work smoothly together to meet complex objectives. Scientists, engineers, technicians, project managers, resource managers, administrators and consultants contribute to projects with budgets measured in billions of dollars. That makes effective leadership crucial in A&D in relatively stable times. Today, globalization, deregulation, digitization, increasing competition, decreasing budgets […]

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Given the scope of executive responsibility, it should come as no surprise that the quality of strategic leadership can make or break an organization. Unfortunately, many organizations’ efforts to develop leaders come up short, and there are leadership gaps across industries. According to research by management consulting firm McKinsey, leadership quality accounts for nearly 80 percent […]